I have worked as a counselor and spiritual mentor in treatment centers, jails, schools, and other community settings. I have an MA degree in Existential Phenomenological Psychology from Seattle University, and I am licensed as a LMHCA in the State of Washington. I have also trained as a mindfulness meditation facilitator at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Prior to becoming a therapist, I had a successful career in business development and environmental sustainability. I enjoy poetry, music, and spending time in nature. You can often find me exploring in the Cascade Mountains on skis and on foot. I live in Seattle with my partner, and two cats.

I embody my own core values of humility, compassion, and joy as much as possible, both in my work and personal life. I have benefited greatly from engaging in personal therapy myself. My therapy style draws deeply on many years of meditation and somatic practices. I value honest and open communication. I share my joys, fears, and concerns with friends and family. I believe in honoring my own rhythms. I also celebrate good humor and having fun. My own process of self-development continues every day. This makes me more available to meet people where they are, with kindness, respect, and curiosity.

Contemplating the moon that night. Silent, no movement, everything still. I know myself completely. No part left out.
— Izumi Shikibu, 10th century female-identified Japanese poet